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8-inch and 10-inch Tablets

Take your POS with you

In contrast to classic consumer tablets, our ANKER selection tablets have a functional rear side that supports a wide range of different applications. Place your tablet on a docking station to charge it or attach a sturdy handle to the back of your tablet. The integration of a payment terminal is also not a problem for our smart all-rounder. Both the 8-inch and 10-inch versions have a Windows 10 operating system and are certified for use with GK Software. A replaceable battery can be exchanged quickly and independently by the branch personnel. By using high-quality materials, the ANKER selection tab- lets defy almost all conditions. Even being dropped from a height of one meter is not a problem for these sturdy tablets. Smart, flexible, and absolutely versatile. Tablets by ANKER selection are your perfect companion for stationary retailing, today and tomorrow.

  • Multifunctional “Smart Back” for a variety of applications for the retail industry
  • Thanks to their robust construction, drops are no problem
  • Windows 10 operating system for convenient system integration
  • Replaceable battery allows quick changes by the branch personnel
  • Available in both 8 and 10 inches

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