ANKER Stands

You can use our modular technology platform to quickly and easily put together a mounting solution for your POS peripheral by combining defined standard components in order to meet your requirements at the point of sale. Our modular tube platform includes a large number of individual components, such as sockets, arms, and extensions of different lengths. You can chose from a variety of different printer adapters (for Epson, Star, e.g.), payment terminal adapters (for Verifone, Ingenico, e.g.), display or tablet adapters (for Apple, Samsung or ANKER selection products) and wall mounts to get your individual Stand.

Modular technology platform

Pedestal / bases

Sockets / arms


EFT adapters

Display adapters

Printer adapters

Keyboard adapters

Drawer adapters

Wall mounts

Colour variants

Meet all expectations with our three-stage solution concept

Our aim is to supply the commercial sector with a sufficient number of top-quality products in a reasonable period, and in so doing maintaining the balance between large numbers of cost-efficient standard products and tailor-made individual solutions. That is why we have established our three-stage solution concept to meet your POS requirements. This comprises standard products, standard solutions and individual solutions.

“Off-the-shelf“ for conventional implementation scenarios in high quantities

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Standard Products

Flexible configurable and customisable, modular solutions

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Standard Solutions

Custom-made solutions

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Customised Solutions

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