A highly competent team for terrific products

A wide range of personalities and abilities united in one team. We regard each and every one of our employees as being an important cog in our company’s gears. When all of the parts interact we can meet the market’s requirements and enthuse our customers quickly and efficiently with top-quality point of sale products. In so doing, we are never satisfied with the status quo, but aim for constant improvement. Efficient work flows in our working structures allow us to execute each and every order quickly and conscientiously.

Innovation Management

"I think it’s really exciting to see how the industry has developed over the years. Identifying our customers’ needs and offering every customer a solution that is perfect for him as part of this development rekindles our enthusiasm every single day."

Reiner Volkmann

At ANKER we understand retail and always keep a keen eye on our customers’ requirements. Head of Innovation Management Reiner Volkmann and his team have long-standing experience in the industry and always provide our customers with advice from an end-to-end perspective. In so doing, we actively include our customers in the product development or improvement process. The best results are always obtained in partner-like cooperation.

Development (R&D)

"I am just a little bit proud when I discover ANKER products at the cash desk when I am out shopping – products that I played a key role in developing. That motivates me to do my very best every single day."

Rainer Beek

Our team, here Rainer Beek, is ANKER’s creative heart. Our product developers work every day to make our products even better. Product ideas are implemented quickly and pragmatically - which is typical for ANKER. Our R&D team does all it takes to find the ideal solution for our customers, and also provides our customers with advice on location. We implement all of the samples and prototypes on the shortest of turnarounds in our own production facility in Bielefeld.


"A partner-like relationship with our suppliers is indispensable for a long-term cooperation. Of course negotiating is also part of my job. But we aim to obtain a fair result for both parties."

Marco Telthörster

Our Purchasing Manager Marco Telthörster and his team are in daily contact with our suppliers in order to ensure that all of our ANKER products can be produced and delivered in the requisite quantities. In so doing, we mostly use our regional network of suppliers, and we have been working together with these partners for many years.

Work preparation

"Making sure that employees, materials and machines are available at the right time and in the required quantities is my daily challenge – that I love to rise to meet every day."

Thomas Westermann

Thomas Westermann and his team operate the levers in the background. As part of their work they conscientiously ensure that production work flows are organised perfectly and, in so doing, they bear the quality of ANKER’s processes and products in mind.


"As the head of assembly together with my team I do my utmost every single day to ensure that our products are defect-free and reach the customer on time."

Andreas Eickhölter

Our production manager Andreas Eickhölter is also a long-standing member of the ANKER team. He knows all of the article numbers by heart, plans and controls the production and assembly team, motivating his team to perform their best every day. Prioritising orders forms part of his work, as does ensuring the best possible quality for all of the products that leave our plant.


"I am a member of the Works Council and always listen to my colleagues’ issues. We have a lot of employees in our team who have been working for our company for many years. That’s an excellent sign and adds a huge amount of value for our customers and young colleagues."

Christiane Kondratjew

Our highly experienced production team always works hard to ensure that the individual components are put together to form a final product in ANKER’s top quality. Our employees are personally responsible for our products’ quality, and sign every finished product. Here we can see Christiane Kondratjew, who has been part of our assembly team for many years.


"Together we look after goods in and shipments. We never loose our sense of humour even if things get really tough. We are a well-practiced team."

Daniel Haase und Richard Fischer

Daniel Haase and Richard Fischer are responsible for ensuring smooth dispatching. They conscientiously ensure that the ordered goods are received punctually at the desired delivery point. They are always open to any special requests our customers may have.

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